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Born and raised in California, I loved sports and competition as a kid. I played the traditional sports of football, basketball, baseball, and given my parent’s talents and passions, I grew up competing in rodeo events as well. I was raised on a small ranch with both parents, my two sisters, and more animals than you could count. Although school work was hard from time to time, I began excelling in sports at a young age. This includes winning the Dummy Steer Roping Championship as an 8 year old kid at the National Finals Rodeo, multiple buckles and trophies. In sports that included football basketball and baseball....  My high school years proved to be a continuation of my success; building on the foundation of hard work, I was determined to defy the odds  in all four sports. Having multiple division 1 scholarship offers for my athletic talent, my grades and test scores did not match my performance on the field, and that landed me at Fresno City College. In 2011 I was drafted by the Houston Astros and started my professional baseball career, a dream come true.  Having played continuously for the past 10 years I was afforded the opportunity to reach as high as AAA level in the US and  played in Mexico. 

Playing in the minor leagues was a struggle to say the least.  Low wages, 14 hour bus rides, eating pb&j daily, and learning on the fly with how to deal with failure was an awakening. Although circumstances can be tough, I made some truly amazing friends and I would not change it for the world. 
During that time I made 2 all star teams, won 4 championships including the Triple-A national championship with my hometown team, the Fresno Grizzlies. I have played in 4 different countries and met many different people from all walks of life. In 2015, days away from getting my call to the Big Leagues, I tore my UCL in my pitching arm, which led to surgery, and missing all but a handful of games in 2016. I came back strong and in the year off I developed mental skills and a work ethic that change my life. Over the course of my career I became interested in what it took to be successful and as I learned to achieve goals not only sports but in life. I continued to grow and learn everyday, to become the most well-rounded person I can be.

I came from humble beginnings, where making ends meet was the priority. Working hard was of the utmost importance. Raised by parents, neither of which graduated from high schoolI learned early that in-order to achieve something, it took desire, dedication, and discipline.........and that was demonstrated all by their actions. It was instilled in me that I could achieve anything as long as I was devoted to what I was focused on and did what was right as a person. They shaped me to be genuine, to treat others the way you want to be treated, and that if you want things changed you had to make the effort to change them yourself. I feel my purpose is to lead, educate and motivate those who have dreams and goals they want to achieve and succeed in. From speaking with and learning from all people who have found their success in life from sports and fitness to business and finance.  I enjoy sharing the stories or others from all walks of life as to what molded them to become the person they are today, how they overcame failures and hard times, and what they learned on their path to success.


I hope as I share my life with you and the insights of others, that it will inspire you to pursue your dreams and goals.

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